Portable Bluetooth Labeling Machine


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Portable Bluetooth Labeling Machine

A portable printer that can print labels wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection is known as a portable Bluetooth labeling machine. The image or text is typically produced using thermal transfer printing, in which a heated print head melts ink from a ribbon onto the label material. It can print on label materials of various sizes and materials and can be Bluetooth-connected to a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

This kind of printer is frequently portable and light, making it simple to use while on the go. It can be used to create identification labels, inventory labels, and shipping labels, among other types of labeling applications.

The Brother QL-700 and DYMO LabelWriter Wireless are two well-known models of portable Bluetooth labeling equipment that are frequently used in retail, healthcare, and other sectors where small, portable labeling is required.

Product information:

Model: P15
Print type: thermal printing
Size: 74mm x 95 x 40mm
Color: White / Green
Max Printing Width: 15mm
Print specification: 12~15mm
Duration: continuous printing for 5 hours
Printing speed: 20mm/s
Resolution: 203 dpi
Battery capacity: 1200mah
Charge: Type-C Recharge
Weight: 150g


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